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Rebar reinforcement is what makes concrete structures stand the test of time, and rebar tools help rodworkers make it happen.

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Every tool plays a part in the application and usage of rebar reinforcement, from cutters and benders, to detectors. The days of manual rebar installation have been left behind. Now there are rebar tools for every facet of the job that improve installation quality and keep workers safe and pain-free. After all, the health and safety of rodworkers is very important.

Rebar tools such as benders, cutters, saws, and tiers can properly maintain length and degree accuracy, and with much less time and effort than manual process. Tiers allow workers to perform tying applications in upright positions, and the constant physical stress on the back, arms, legs, and wrists is considerably reduced. Technological advances have allowed professionals to accurately and safely determine the location and position of hidden rebar under concrete with the help of rebar locators. Rebar tools also have safety in mind, coming in the form of rebar caps, designed to provide safety from impalement.

Rebar Tools Home
Rebar Tools Home

The preparation, installation, maintenance, and repair of rebar are made better by the tools used for the job at hand. But it doesnít stop there. Add in installation and maintenance factors like wire, anchors generators and tape, while safety equipment such as harnesses, hard hats, gloves and glasses, and itís a much bigger world than meets the eye. It is a world where rebar tools are pivotal in a job well done.

Overall the job gets done on a much bigger scale, during a shorter timeframe, and in a safer environment when rebar tools are used properly and efficiently. Conveyors can often be used to transmit rebar, check out this conveyor manufacturer for more information.

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